The 10 largest amusement parks in Europe

Europe has a lot of leisure activities to offer, including many amusement parks that are becoming increasingly popular. It is no wonder that the amusement parks are constantly being expanded and new, fascinating worlds are created or spectacular roller coasters and wild attractions are built.

Disneyland Resort Paris

One of the 10 largest amusement parks in Europe includes Disneyland Paris with an area of ​​2100 hectares, which is known all over the world. The popular figures of the Walt Disney family are brought to life there and are ideally suited for beautiful souvenir photos in front of the magnificent Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Port Avenutra in Spain

One of the 10 largest amusement parks in Europe is the 115 hectare Port Aventura park near Barcelona, ​​which is very popular with both locals and tourists. The roller coaster “Furios Baco” is one of the fastest in Europe, which can drive up to 135 km / h. In addition, the park delights its visitors with numerous water rides, which are particularly popular in the hot summer months.

One of the 10 largest amusement parks in Europe: Europark Rust

Europark Rust is the most popular amusement park in Europe and also one of the largest. The park welcomes visitors on around 94 hectares, offering plenty of variety for young and old with over 100 attractions. Among them are z. B. the roller coasters “blue fire” or “Silver Star”.

The park is located in the town of Rust in Baden-Württemberg and thus close to the border with France and Switzerland.

Heide-Park Resort in Soltau

The Heide-Park Soltau is one of the 10 largest amusement parks, which is best known for the fastest wooden roller coaster “Colossos” in the world. Since 1978, visitors have been able to explore and admire various wild water rides, shows and roller coasters on an area of ​​around 85 hectares.

Efteling in the Netherlands

One of the largest amusement parks in the Netherlands and Europe is Park Efteling near Kaatsheuvel, which has welcomed visitors to an area of ​​around 72 hectares since 1952. With its 4D cinema, the many water rides, the largest light show in Europe “Aquanura” and the fairytale forest, the amusement park is worth a visit.

Legoland Windsor

Close to London is one of the largest amusement parks in the Legoland group, which offers a lot of fun in the style of the popular building blocks on around 61 hectares. Young and old will find seven different themed worlds that are both child-friendly and exciting.

Slagharen in the Netherlands

The leisure and holiday park Slagharen is located in the Netherlands and offers 40 attractions on 50 hectares with different themed worlds such as the Wild West, gold mining in Yellowstone or carnival in New Orleans.

Movie-Park Germany in Bottrop

The Movie Park is located in Bottrop-Kirchhellen, which is surrounded by former mining and today’s industrial culture. The park, which can have around 40 hectares, is based on the theme of “film and television”. In the park itself, numerous films and television series have so far been made in separate studios, some of which visitors can enter or experience up close in the 4D cinemas.

There is a popular Halloween special where disguised performers run through the park and scare visitors.

Phantasialand near Brühl

Phantasialand is located in the city of Brühl, which is not far from Cologne. If you walk through the gates of the amusement park, you will find yourself in another world on 28 hectares: More precisely in several worlds such as Africa, Berlin, Mexico or the Wild West. The themed worlds are designed in great detail and are even included in attractions such as the “Black Mamba” or the steepest white water course “Chiapas”.

Tivoli in Denmark

Right in the heart of Copenhagen is the Tivoli amusement park, which has an area of ​​8.3 hectares and is one of the oldest parks. Since 1843, the park has amazed its visitors with its wonderful flower beds and fountains and lets them soar on the once highest chain carousel in the world. But numerous roller coasters such as the bottomless roller coaster “Dæmonen” are also very popular with the Danish people.

Tivoli in Denmark