Solomon Islands Military

Solomon Islands, Constitutional Monarchy in Oceania, in the Southwest Pacific South of the Equator. Make up part of Melanesia. The country includes most of the islands in the Solomon Islands group (except Bougainville, among others) as well as Ontong Java Islands, Rennell Island and Santa Cruz Islands. More than 990 islands spread over 900 kilometers north-south and 1800 kilometers west-east. Adjacent to Nauru in the north, Tuvalu in the east, vanuatu in the south and Papua New Guinea in the west. The capital is Honiara.

Solomon Islands Army

Land area 28,896 km²
Total population 685.097
Residents per km² 23.7
Capital Honiara
Official language English
Income per capita $ 2,200
Currency Solomon Islands dollars
ISO 3166 code SB
Internet TLD .sb
License plate SOL
Telephone code +677
Time zone UTC +11
Geographic coordinates 8 00 S, 159 00 O

Solomon Islands gained full independence in 1978.

The Solomon Islands (the name) of the archipelago and the state are after the Israeli king Solomon because the explorer de Neira assumed that the islands contained great wealth.

National anthem is ‘ God Save Our Solomon Islands ‘.

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The Solomon Islands (2009) have no military means of their own to support their security other than a small military naval department of 80 men with 3 patrol boats included in the police forces. To see related acronyms about this country, please check ABBREVIATIONFINDER where you can see that SLB stands for Solomon Islands.

The situation in 1999-2003 was unstable. In 2003, the UN organized a peacekeeping force of approximately 2,250 men led by Australia. This effort was successful, and in 2005 the situation stabilized. A smaller force (RAMSI) from Australia, New Zealand and Tonga remains (2009).