Micronesia Military

Micronesia is a country located in the western Pacific Ocean, made up of 607 islands. It has a population of around 107,000 people and the official language is English. The majority of the population are Christian, with some other religious denominations also present.

The military of Micronesia consists of three branches; Army, Navy and Air Force. The total active personnel in the military are around 550 people. The Army has around 400 personnel with a focus on ground operations and border protection. It also has a small Navy with two patrol boats for maritime security operations as well as four helicopters for air support operations. The Air Force has around 150 personnel operating mainly transport aircraft for reconnaissance missions and logistics purposes.

Micronesia is not a member of any international military or defense organization but does maintain close ties with other countries in the region such as Japan and Australia. See naturegnosis to learn more about the country of Micronesia.

To see related acronyms about this country, please check ABBREVIATIONFINDER where you can see that FM stands for Micronesia. The name Micronesia (Greek for the Little Islands) was traditionally used across the 3 archipelagos: Marshall, the Marianas (including Guam) and the Carolines.

Micronesia Army

Fernando de Magallanes (Magellan) was the first European to arrive in the Marianas, and he named them the “Twenty Islands”. Later, they were renamed in honor of Queen Mariana of Austria, who reigned on the Spanish throne.

In 1885, Germany attempted to submit to them as patronage. Spain appealed to the Vatican and lost Guam with the Paris Treaty of December 10, 1898, ending the war with the United States. Spain then decided to sell the archipelago to Germany for 25 million pesetas.

In 1914, Japan occupied the archipelago and entered into an agreement with the United States on the non-militarization of the zone. This agreement was broken in 1935, and it was from Micronesia that Japan, on December 7, 1941, launched its attack on Pearl Harbor, triggering the Pacific War.

After World War II, the islands came into North American possession, and in 1947 the United States and the United Nations signed an agreement for the islands to become a North American protectorate. The UN mandated the superpower to “develop a national consciousness in the population that would allow self-determination to be exercised”.

The United States introduced a form of Commonwealth system – or free associate state – that allowed the United States to maintain its military bases and take care of defense and foreign affairs. In 1975, the colonial power held a referendum, and in 1978 the Northern Mariannians gained the status of a free associate state under the United States.

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