US 50 and 51 at Illinois

US 50 in Illinois

US 50
Get started columbia
End Lawrenceville
Length 166 mi
Length 267 km











Lake Lawrence


According to Existingcountries, US 50 is a US Highway in the US state of Illinois. The road forms an east-west route between the metropolitan area of ​​St. Louis and Vincennes. The route is partially double-numbered with Interstate 255 and Interstate 64. The route is 267 kilometers long.

Travel directions

At Columbia, US 50 in Missouri joins Interstate 255 in Missouri over the Mississippi River from Kansas City. US 50 will then be double-numbered with I-255 as far as East St. Louis, after which US 50 will continue on Interstate 64 to O’Fallon, east of the metropolitan area of ​​the St. Louis region. US 50 then exits from I-64 and follows an east-west route between I-64 and I-70, through a quiet rural area with many flat meadows and barely any forest. After about 70 kilometers you reach Sandoval, a village where the intersection with US 51 is. 15 kilometers later, the connection with Interstate 57at Salem. US 50 then continues eastward through a flat area intersected by a number of shallow river valleys. Around Flora one crosses the US 45. The road then continues via Olney to Bridgeport, after which the US 50 becomes a short highway. At Vincennes one crosses the Wabash River, also the border with Indiana. US 50 in Indiana then continues towards Cincinnati.


US 50 was created in 1926. The route has undergone minor changes in Illinois since then. In 1983, the Jefferson Barracks Bridge opened over the Mississippi River, over which US 50 was routed to avoid excessive duplication of roads around East St. Louis, as I-55, I-64, I-70, and US 40 were already there. are double numbered. In the 1960s, the highway was built around Vincennes, Indiana, part of which is in Illinois. Interstate 64 in Illinois was originally planned to parallel or partially run over US 50, but a more southerly route was later chosen, leaving US 50 30 miles from I-64.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 54,600 vehicles cross the Mississippi River on I-255/US 50. Along East St. Louis, this drops to 48,000 vehicles, before US 50 continues on I-64, which has 89,100 vehicles per day, which runs down up to 47,800 vehicles before US 50 exits at O’Fallon. The US 50 is then a reasonably traveled through route, with 10,000 descending to 4,000 vehicles. Up to 18,100 vehicles drive on I-57, later 2,000 to 4,000 vehicles again. 5,900 vehicles cross the Indiana border every day.

US 51 at Illinois

US 51
Get started Cairo
End South Beloit
Length 416 mi
Length 669 km




du Quoin











Normal – South Beloit:


According to Anycountyprivateschools, US 51 is a US Highway in the US state of Illinois. The road forms a long north-south route through the center of the state, from the Kentucky border at Cairo through Vandalia and Decatur to Bloomington, from where US 51 is double-numbered with Interstate 39 for the remainder of the route. The route is 669 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Southern Illinois

US 51/60/62 over the Ohio River.

At Cairo, US 51 in Kentucky crosses the state of Illinois from Memphis, crossing the state line at the mouth of the Ohio River. The road then passes through the town of Cairo, which is situated on a spit of land between the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. There is also an intersection with US 60 here. On the north side of Cairo, US 51 merges into Interstate 57. This double numbering lasts about 40 kilometers until the village of Dongola, where US 51 follows its own route parallel to I-57 to the north. The road then runs through an area of ​​forest and low hills. The largest town on the route is Carbondale, one of the largest towns in southern Illinois. US 51 is a one-lane road in each direction, primarily for regional traffic. I-57 is about 20 to 25 kilometers east. It then takes about 80 kilometers before reaching the connection with Interstate 64. After I-64, US 51 has 2×2 lanes for 15 kilometers until the town of Centralia. Just north of Centralia near the village of Sandoval you cross the US 50. The area then consists of barren agricultural fields with occasional forests in shallow river valleys.

After about 40 kilometers you reach the town of Vandalia, a regional town where you cross the Interstate 70. It also crosses US 40, which runs parallel to I-70. Then follows 50 kilometers to Pana, where several state routes are crossed and from Assumption the US 51 has 2×2 lanes until Decatur over a length of 30 kilometers. You then pass through the approximately 80,000 inhabitants city of Decatur, where an intersection with US 36 is in the center. On the north side of Decatur there is a connection with Interstate 72. After Decatur, US 51 is a major 2×2 divided highwayabout 60 miles to Bloomington. The road has bypasses for most places and in the village of Heyworth is an intersection with US 136. One then reaches the town of Bloomington, which has approximately 75,000 inhabitants. It crosses Interstate 74 on its south side. Here you also cross the US 150, which runs parallel to it. Bloomington is a twin city with Normal, with approximately 50,000 inhabitants located on the north side of Bloomington. Here one crosses the Interstate 55. US 51 then merges into I-39.

Interstate 39

US 51 is double -numbered with Interstate 39 for the remainder of its route in Illinois, between Normal and South Beloit for 225 kilometers . Interstate 90 also joins from Rockford.


US 51 was created in 1926. US 51 cuts through central Illinois from north to south, serving several major cities. The section between Decatur and Bloomington has therefore been widened to 4 lanes. The Cairo Ohio River Bridge opened to traffic in 1937, spanning the Ohio River to Kentucky. In 1958, the first section of I-90 opened between Rockford and the Wisconsin border. US 51 was routed over this despite being a toll road. The highway from Normal to Rockford was constructed between 1984 and 1992. This section was originally numbered only as US 51, in 1993 this section was numbered as I-39.

Traffic intensities

Some 6,200 vehicles cross the Ohio River near Cairo every day, and the double-numbering I-57 has 11,000 vehicles per day, making it a very quiet highway. The individual portion of US 51 has 4,000 vehicles up to Anna, and a maximum of 11,500 in Carbondale. North of Carbondale, intensities hover around 8,000 vehicles, but drop to 1,500 vehicles north of Du Qoin. From I-64, 6,500 vehicles drive on the 2×2 section, which slopes down to 3,200 toward Vandalia off I-70. Between Vandalia and Decatur there are generally between 3,000 and 5,000 vehicles per day, rising to 9,500 just before Decatur. The 2×2 section from Decatur to Bloomington is a bit busier, with about 12,000 vehicles per day.Interstate 39 at Illinois “.

US 51 at Illinois