Saudi Arabia Military

Saudi Arabia is a large, oil-rich kingdom located in the Middle East. It has a population of 33 million people as of 2018. Saudi Arabia is an independent state and part of the Arab League. The country has an extensive military and defense force, including an army, navy, air force, and national guard. Saudi Arabia’s defense forces are responsible for protecting the country’s borders and providing security within its borders. The country also relies on regional organizations such as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for defense. The GCC is a joint effort between six Gulf nations to provide security for its member states. It includes naval patrols in territorial waters, air surveillance, and various other security measures. In addition to this regional defense system, Saudi Arabia also relies on its police force to maintain law and order within its borders. The Saudi Arabian Police Force is responsible for upholding laws within the country’s jurisdiction while also providing assistance to other members of GCC when needed.┬áSee naturegnosis to learn more about the country of Saudi Arabia.


The defense is modernized and comprises 225,000 men enlisted (2008). Saudi Arabia is building a 90-mile protection zone against Iraq, mainly for terrorist reasons. The army, 75,000 men, is organized into eight mechanized and one airborne brigade with about 900 modern or semi-modern tanks. The Navy, 15,500 men, has 15 larger battleships and 65 patrol boats as well as a Navy infantry regiment. The Air Force, 18,000 men, has 280 modern fighter aircraft and discusses the purchase of i.e. Euro fighter aircraft. The National Guard, which is directly under the King, amounts to 75,000 active men and 25,000 men in reserve. Semi-military security forces amount to 15,000 men. The material is modern and of Western origin. To see related acronyms about this country, please check ABBREVIATIONFINDER where you can see that SAU stands for Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Army

Defense costs decreased in 1985-2005 from 19.6% to 8.2% of GDP. During the 1991 Kuwait War, defense costs amounted to 32.5% of GDP. The United States had military forces of 5,000 men, Britain 200 men and France 130 men stationed in Saudi Arabia for a long time after the war. In 2008, there were no foreign associations on the territory of Saudi Arabia other than a 300-member US staff function. A force of 22,000 men is organized in a number of neighboring countries as a defense preparation (GCC, Peninsula Shield). The extent of this strength may increase.

Saudi Arabia has close military relations with France, the United Kingdom and the United States, and is a leading member of the Gulf Council. Military service is voluntary. The total force figures for Saudi Arabia’s armed forces are 227,000 active personnel (2018, IISS). In addition, about 24,500 semi-military, including 15,000 border guards and about 9,000 personnel in a security force.

In 2018, the United States had a base of 500 personnel in Saudi Arabia. Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and Sudan had personnel and fighter planes in Saudi Arabia in 2018 in connection with Operation Restoring Hope.

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The army has a workforce of 75,000 active personnel. Materials include 900 tanks (390 M60, 140 AMX-30 and 370 M1A2 Abrams), 300 reconnaissance vehicles, 760 armored vehicles, 1,340 armored personnel carriers, 290 armored fighters, 224 self-propelled artillery and 114 helicopters, of which 35 gunships central Apache. In addition, the army has heavy artillery, and short range air defense missiles.

national Guard

The National Guard has a workforce of 100,000 active personnel. Materials include 204 clearing vehicles, 640 storm tanks, 808 armored personnel vehicles, 182 armored fighters, 162 self-propelled artillery (including 30 self-propelled artillery), and 55 helicopters, of which 12 Apache type helicopters. In addition, the National Guard has heavy artillery.

Air Force

The Air Force has a workforce of 20,000 active personnel. Material comprising 81 fighters of a F-15 Eagle, 252 combat aircraft (114 F-15SA Eagle, 67 Tornado IDS and 71 Typhoon), seven AEW & C-plane, two ELINT aircraft, about 14 reconnaissance, 22 tanker, about 47 transport aircraft, 181 training aircraft (of which 62 Hawk which can and can be used as light fighter aircraft), and 45 helicopters. The Air Force also has medium and heavy drones. In addition, the Royal Navy has 24 transport aircraft and about three helicopters.

Air defense command

The Air Force Command has a personnel force of 16,000 active personnel. Materials include long range air defense missiles, light air defense artillery and self-propelled air defense artillery.

The Navy

The Navy has a workforce of 13,500 active personnel, including 3,000 Marines. The fleet includes three fighters, four frigates, four corvettes, 28 patrol vessels, three minesweepers, five landings, and two utility and auxiliary vessels. In addition, the Navy has 46 helicopters.

International operations

Saudi Arabia had 1,500 personnel in 2018, including tanks and air defense missile batteries in Yemen (Operation Restoring Hope) and six fighter aircraft in Turkey (Operation Inherent Resolve).