Popular Destinations in Georgia


The political, economic and industrial center of the country attracts tourists mainly with its sights and active life.

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Most of the interesting places are located in the Old Town – here almost every house has its own rich history. Be sure to climb Mount Mtatsminda, visit the Narikala fortress, built in the 4th century, the main city attraction. In addition, from the mountain you can see the whole city.

The Zion Cathedral, Abanotubani, the Anchiskhati Church (the oldest in the city) and the Metekhi district also deserve attention.

From modern places you can visit the Rustaveli project and Mtatsminda park. It is also recommended to visit the Ethnographic Museum, the city zoo with an aquarium and the children’s town of Mziuri – ideal places for a family holiday in Georgia.


Today there are quite a lot of opportunities for shopping in Tbilisi. Prices here are about the same as in Russia, the range of brands is almost the same, but you can buy interesting local souvenirs and goods.

If you want to shop in branded stores, then you can go to Freedom Square, Rustaveli or Chavchavadze Avenue. Of the shopping centers and supermarkets, it is worth noting Goodwill, Populi, Ioli, Karvasla, Tbilisi Mall and others. You should definitely visit the Deserter market, the Dry Bridge market with numerous souvenirs and the market on Rustaveli Avenue. And for wines, go to Leselidze Street or the same Rustaveli Avenue.


In Georgia, rest can be not only sightseeing and cultural, but also beach.


The main beach of the city stretches along the entire coast of the Black Sea. It is called Batumi Beach, covered with pebbles and completely free for tourists. The infrastructure is developed – there are sun loungers, changing cabins, toilets. There are also numerous cafes and discos. The coast is always crowded, so for a secluded holiday, you should look for another place.

You can go out of town, to the village of Gonio – here the water is cleaner, and the pebbles on the shore are smaller. Around the coast there are many boarding houses and hotels where you can stay. On weekdays, there is almost no one on the beach. Further away is the small village of Kvariati with the beaches of Sarpi and Gonio. There are even fewer people on them, and the nature is very beautiful.


In the city you can perfectly improve your health – it combines a mild climate, sea and mountain air, magnetic sand on one beach and many mineral springs. The most famous health resorts are located in the villages of Tsikhis-Dziri, Makhinjaur, Ureki and others in the vicinity of the city.


Tourists love to walk along the one and a half kilometer boulevard along the coast – there are many restaurants, cafes, shops, there is a Ferris wheel, and some trees have been growing here for many years. Europe Square with the monument to Medea and singing fountains is also interesting. You can also take a walk in the Botanical Garden and around Lake Nurigel.

If you love architectural monuments, then look at the Orta Jame Mosque with beautiful Arabic calligraphy and several Orthodox, Catholic and Armenian churches.

Be sure to visit the ruins of the Gonio fortress, 12 kilometers south of Batumi – it was once a Roman and then a Byzantine citadel. The apostle Matthew is also buried there.

There are many museums for cultural recreation in the capital, for example, the Adjara Art Museum, the Nobel Museum, the Stalin Museum and the Archaeological Museum.

In the 6th of May Park, you and your children can ride rides, see animals and even swim with dolphins. And of course, it is worth visiting the city water park, with slides for both children and adults.


There is no special shopping here, everything is almost like in Tbilisi – prices and assortment are like in Russia. It is better to walk around the markets – the Central Bazaar, the Fish Market and the Hopa Clothing Market. The latter is simply ideal for buying souvenirs – there are a lot of them, and the prices are much lower. And then there are inexpensive clothes.

Be sure to buy a bottle of wine, for example, at the Old Wine House or Winery Khareba.


This is a small but famous resort town on the Black Sea, at a distance of 24 kilometers from the capital. It is calm, quiet, far from being as noisy as in Batumi. In Soviet times, Georgia often offered this resort to tourists of the USSR for recreation.


The coastal zone here is dotted with small pebbles, stretching for 10 kilometers. It is divided into several beaches, there are both free urban and private ones, near sanatoriums and rest houses. The water is very clean, the beaches are well-maintained.

Therapeutic rest

The best place for recovery is mineral springs two kilometers from Kobuleti, which improve metabolism. Boarding houses and sanatoriums work here all year round, they use mud therapy, heliotherapy and other methods.


There are no special attractions in the city. Visit the Tsitsinatela Park, with attractions for children and adults – it is especially beautiful here in the evenings, when colorful illuminations are turned on.

If you leave the city, then visit the Mtirala National Park or the Kintrishi Reserve with untouched nature and beautiful mountain springs. Not far from the city is Petra Fortress – a citadel and ancient settlements, interesting from an archaeological and historical point of view.


There is no special shopping here, there are supermarkets and shops with groceries and household goods. Along the beach there are several markets and shopping alleys where you can buy souvenirs and fresh food.