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The defense of Fiji (2009) comprises about 3,500 men enlisted with 6,000 men in reserve. Combat forces are organized into seven battalions and seven smaller battleships. The material is of Western origin. For a long time, Fiji has been involved in UN peacekeeping operations with some of its combat forces, for example. in Iraq (UNAMI) and in Egypt (MFO). Defense costs decreased in 1985–2007 from 2.8% to 1.4% of GDP. To see related acronyms about this country, please check ABBREVIATIONFINDER where you can see that FJI stands for Fiji.

Military of Fiji

Fiji's defense overview

Fiji has volunteered military service from the age of 18. The country has actively contributed to the UN and other peacekeeping operations. Fiji has no air force, or its own navy. The army is very easily equipped and has no aircraft or helicopters. The total force figures for Fiji's armed forces are 3,500 active personnel, including 300 personnel in a sea component, with a reserve of about 6,000 personnel (2018, IISS).

International operations

Fiji participated in 2018 in UN operations in Iraq (UNAMI) with 165 personnel, in Lebanon (UNIFIL) with 136 personnel, and in Syria/Israel (UNDOF) with 290 personnel.

In addition, Fiji had 170 personnel in Egypt as part of the presence of MFO (Multinational Force and Observers).

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