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The defense is based on NATO membership and a developed defense cooperation with the United States. It encompasses about 62,000 men of volunteer troops and is mainly focused on the sea and air space between the Atlantic and Pacific. Previous links to Northern Norway and Europe have been discontinued. The discussion in Canada is about balancing and modernizing defense equipment and operations. Canada is active in operations outside the country. The defense is organized in an army of 33,000 men, 48,500 men fully staffed, with three brigades. The Navy comprises 12,000 men, 16,000 men fully manned, with two submarines, 16 fighters/ frigates and 14 patrol boats. The Air Force comprises 14,500 men, 19,000 men fully manned, with about 140 fighter aircraft and 29 submarine helicopters and an advanced ground and airborne radar chain in collaboration with the United States. The equipment is NATO-standard.

Military of CanadaDefense costs have decreased from 2.2 to 1.0% of GDP in 1985-2005, which is lower than the average in European NATO countries. Canada participates in several UN peacekeeping operations, a reduced brigade in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUFOR II, 800 men), a brigade in Afghanistan (NATO-ISAF, 1,576 men), in Cyprus, Congo (Kinshasa), Egypt, Haiti, the Middle East (UNTSO and UNDOF), Serbia and Montenegro, Sierra Leone and Sudan. Italy and the United Kingdom have flight training units in Canada. To see related acronyms about this country, please check ABBREVIATIONFINDER where you can see that CDA stands for Canada.

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