Saint Kitts and Nevis Military


The country of Saint Kitts and Nevis lacks (2009) military units. A police corps is responsible for security. To see related acronyms about this country, please check ABBREVIATIONFINDER where you can see that SKN stands for St. Kitts and Nevis.

Saint Kitts and Nevis Army

Land area 261 km²
Total population 53,821
Residents per km² 206.2
Capital Basseterre
Official language English
Income per capita $ 28,200
Currency East Caribbean dollar
ISO 3166 code KN
Internet TLD .kn
License plate KN
Telephone code + 1-869
Time zone UTC -4
Geographic coordinates 17 20 N, 62 45 W.
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In the February 2015 election, the ruling Saint Kitts and Nevis Labor Party was halved (from 6 to 3 seats). The People’s Action Movement doubled (from 2 to 4 seats) and the People’s Labor Party (PLP) came in with 1 seat. The two parties formed government with Concerned Citizen’s Movement which got 2 seats. New Prime Minister became PLP Chairman Timothy Harris. The new government soon had problems with the incumbent Governor, Edmund Lawrence. This one was replaced in May and replaced with Tapley Seaton.