Qatar Military


The defense of Qatar encompasses (2010) 12,000 men enlisted and is organized into five mechanized battalions, seven fighters, 18 fighter aircraft and 20 armed helicopters. The material is modern and of Western, mainly French, origin.

Defense costs decreased in 1985-2008 from 6.0% to 1.8% of GDP, compared to the period during the Kuwait War when they amounted to 14%. The United Kingdom has four transport aircraft stationed in Qatar. The United States has 300 men from Central Command and equipment for a mechanized brigade located in the country. Qatar participates in UN peacekeeping operations with observers in Lebanon (UNIFIL). To see related acronyms about this country, please check AbbreviationFinder where you can see that QAT stands for Qatar.

Qatar Army

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Qatar’s defense overview

Qatar has military service with 12 months of first-time service for men, and voluntary military service for women. Qatar is a member of the Gulf Council, but after the crisis in 2017, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties with the country linked to stronger defense political ties with Turkey. Qatar still has a military alliance with the United States.

The total force figures for Qatar’s armed forces are 16,500 active personnel (2018, IISS). In addition, about 5000 semi-military forces are arriving. The United States has 10,000 personnel, and bombers, reconnaissance aircraft, tankers, transport aircraft, drones, anti-aircraft missile batteries and radar systems in Qatar.


The army has a workforce of 12,000 active personnel. Material comprising 62 tanks of a Leopard 2, 44 reconnaissance vehicles, 40 armored vehicles, 190 armored personnel carriers, 24 armored fighters, 52 self-propelled artillery, heavy artillery, and ballistic missiles short range and conventional warheads.

Air Force

The Air Force has a workforce of 2,000 active personnel. Material comprising 12 fighter central Mirage 2000, 18 transport, 27 trainers (which six central Alpha Jet, which can also be used as attack aircraft), and 46 helicopters. The Air Force also has short range air defense missiles.

The Navy

The Navy had a staff of 2,500 active personnel, including the Coast Guard. The fleet comprises 23 patrol vessels, 12 of which are in the Coast Guard.