Larnaca Travel Guide

In Larnaca you can count on the sun. From year to year, the Cypriot way of life attracts tourists to Larnaca, one of the most popular resorts on the island.


The beach and the city of Larnaca

In the varied Larnaca, you can enjoy both a beach and a city holiday at the same time, but for many tourists, the highlights of the holiday are dinners at swaying dining tables.

Viewed on the map, Larnaca is located on the southeastern edge of the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, is about 45 km away and the popular resorts of Ayia Napa and Limassol are also about 50 km from Larnaca.

Larnaca is a great place for beach and city holidaymakers alike. The city has a good sandy beach and the climate of Cyprus is excellent for beach life. Larnaca is also one of Larnaca’s most visited destinations. Larnaca Fortress and Church of Agios Lazaros are just some of the attractions available to visitors.

There is something to see in Larnaca for many tastes

There is something to see in Larnaca for many tastes.

Sunny holiday destination

In Cyprus you can enjoy the sun very likely as the sun shines on the island as many as 340 days a year.

At its best, the city is in the summer. The most popular travel time is from May to October, when average temperatures hurt to 25-degree readings and rainfall remains non-existent.

Beaches for the holidaymaker

Larnaca is also suitable for the beach holidaymaker other than for its warm summer climate, although the eternal sunshine plays a big part in this. The beaches of Larnaca may not compete for the title of the longest and softest sandy beaches in Europe, but they do a great job.

The most important of Larnaca’s beaches is located near the city center. The beach is almost a kilometer long and is bordered on one side by the sea and on the other by a long and service-lined promenade.

Other beaches in Larnaca include the finer sandy Mackenzie Beach as well as numerous pebble beaches.

For lovers of good food

Gourmets enjoy themselves in Larnaca. Cypriot cuisine smells of distinctive spices and spice compounds that distinguish Cypriot flavors from familiar Greek dishes for many travelers.

The level of restaurants and cafés in Larnaca is high and the small restaurants in the old town are particularly charming. The holidaymaker should try the restaurants’ own specialties, as well as local figs and wines.

Shopping and events

Larnaca is also a good choice for shopping when you happen to be on holiday in another Cypriot resort. The city has both boutiques and small local shops. The best shopping is conveniently located along one street.

Larnaca’s nightlife is centered around the seafront promenade and the city’s heartbeat makes it easy to enjoy yourself. Larnaca is also a lively event city all year round. Popular celebrations include the Kataklysmos Water Festival in early summer.



Larnaca’s seafront promenade is a great place to watch beach life.

Flights and trips from Finland

Larnaca International Airport , the main airport in Cyprus, is located about eight kilometers from the city. Flights to Cyprus cost about 200-300 euros and a direct flight from Helsinki to Larnaca takes about four hours.

Package trips are also available to the resort during the summer season. Cyprus also often has last-minute sudden departures at affordable prices.

Hotels and accommodation

As Larnaca is one of the largest cities and most popular resorts in Cyprus, accommodation is plentiful in the area.

The level of hotels in Larnaca ranges from medium to luxurious, and in addition to traditional hotels, the selection also includes inn and rental villa accommodation.

Getting around and buses

In Larnaca, it is easy to get around by muscle power, ie walking or cycling, as well as reasonably affordable taxis and local buses. A bus trip from the city to Larnaca Bay, for example, costs about 1.50 euros and a taxi trip in the Urban Area about 8 euros.

From Larnaca it is easy to get to other resorts in Cyprus by long distance buses . A bus trip from Larnaca to Agia Napa, for example, costs about five euros.



Larnaca Fortress dates back to the 14th century.

Church of Agios Lazaros

The church of Agios Lazaros is located right in the city center. The Orthodox Basilica Church dates back to the 9th century, but was converted into a mosque during the Turkish era. Admission to the church is free.

Larnaca Fortress

Located on the cliff of Phoinikoudes, Larnaca Fortress dates back to the 14th century and was rebuilt during the Turkish rule in the 17th century. Today, the fortress serves not only as an attraction and a museum, but also as a stage for various events. The entrance fee is a couple of euros.

The camel park is popular with children

The Camel Park, especially fascinating for families with children, is located twenty kilometers from Larnaca. In the park you can admire and pet animals, and ride a camel.

Bay of Larnaca

Diving trips are organized in Larnaca Bay. Other water activities at the resort include water skiing and surfing. Diving is prohibited in Cyprus for children under 12 years of age.



The best time to head to the beaches of Larnaca is from May to October, when the average temperature is around 25 degrees.

Larnaca plus

  1. Great climate
  2. Lots of events
  3. A versatile holiday destination

Disadvantages of Larnaca

  1. For rental motorists, left-hand traffic requires getting used to
  2. In summer, temperatures can get really hot