Dunes, Bulgaria

Dunes is a young, but already very popular resort in Bulgaria. The village is located on the Black Sea coast, 40 km south of Burgas and 7 km from Sozopol in the northern part of the Strandzha mountain range. It is only a quarter of a century old, and it is thoroughly permeated with a modern spirit, combined with the originality of Bulgarian traditions. Narrow shady streets and sunny terraces, blooming gardens and a small pier, soft golden sand and velvety dunes create an atmosphere of calm and comfort. According to petwithsupplies, Dunes is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria.

Dunes is characterized by some cosmopolitanism: not only was it built quite recently – in 1986, representatives of different nationalities took part in its construction. The plan of the resort was developed by Bulgarian architects and implemented by the Austrian company Rogner.

The dunes are a piece of paradise, “registered” on the territory of a natural reserve with a unique ecological environment. This resort is surrounded by a pine forest, making the local air a real healing cocktail.

The Dunes resort got its name due to the peculiarity of the landscape: picturesque sand dunes stretching along the coast for 4.5 km in the shape of a semicircle.

How to get there

There is no airport in Dunes. The nearest ones are in Varna and Burgas. The Dunes can also be reached by sea on a steamboat through one of the nearby ports, and then by road.

In Burgas, you will have to transfer to a car, fixed-route taxi or municipal bus. The fare is almost the same and will cost a few dollars. Travel time will take about an hour.


The beaches of the Dunes resort are 4.5 km long and 100 m wide. The sand here is fine and golden. The sea is calm, with crystal clear azure water. The entrance is gentle, the bottom is sandy, smooth and safe even for kids.

The beaches of the Dunes have been awarded the Blue Flag for the cleanest environment for several years.

In addition to the resort beaches, to the south are the wild beaches of Alepou and Arkoutino. The sea is more restless there.

Dunes Hotels

Modern Dunes consist of three zones: Zelenika, Marina and Pelican. They house luxury hotels – the five-star Marina Royal Palace and the four-star Marina Beach, Pelican, Belleville and Holiday Villages. All hotels provide the highest level of service and many additional bonus programs. On the territory of the hotels there are numerous restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and souvenir shops, where you can always buy a talisman as a keepsake of a wonderful vacation.

Since 2001, all hotels in the village of Dunes have been following the all-inclusive system. This means that all services at the resort can be used regardless of which hotel you stay at.

Holidays in the Dunes

Holidays in the Dunes are great for the whole family. There is a full range of entertainment for both adults and the little ones. You can spend carefree time lying on the beach or calmly walking along the coast, go windsurfing and yachting, ride horses in the most beautiful places of the Strandja Mountains, play mini-golf or tennis. The Dunes has seven courts, two of which are open 24/7.

In the evenings, the local amphitheater hosts live music and entertainment shows.

Among the excursion programs of the resort, the most popular are the natural reserve “Sozopol” and the Thracian sanctuary Beglik-Tash.

Entertainment and attractions in Dune

Outside the Dunes there is no luxury tourism with all amenities, but there are beautiful wild places. For example, the famous natural reserve “Ropotamo”, reminiscent of a real jungle. Another reserve – “Arkutino” – is located just half a kilometer from the Dunes. A magnificent view of the surroundings of the village opens from the Veselaia rock.

Two more reserves are located near the camping “Perla” – “Water Lily” and “Velov vir”. Via Pontica, a migratory bird road, passes through this part of the coast. At the end of each summer, thousands of storks, pelicans and dozens of species of birds of prey can be seen here.

The swampy lagoon in the vicinity of the village sheltered a large number of species of flora and fauna. Sand lilies grow on the sand dunes. And only near the village of Dunes you can see yellow lake roses floating on the surface of the water next to snow-white water lilies.

Beyond the mouth of the Ropotamo River is Maslyany Cape with high spurs descending directly to the sea and offering a magnificent panoramic view of the surroundings.

South of the Dune resort area is the island of St. Thomas or the island of snakes. Now it is uninhabited, but before the ancient Greeks lived on it, about which a lot of evidence has been preserved. The island is popular with tourists due to its amazing flora and beautiful sea views.

Dunes, Bulgaria