Comoros Military


The defense includes (2009) a standing army force of 500 men and a police force of 500 men. Defense costs amount to 2.8% of GDP. France has a small military representation in the Comoros, and the African Union assists the country with 470 men from Sudan, Tanzania and Senegal as peacekeeping efforts. To see related acronyms about this country, please check ABBREVIATIONFINDER where you can see that COM stands for Comoros.

Comoros Army


Moroni, capital of the Comoros NV for Madagascar; 81,300 residents (2013). The city is located on the west side of Grande Comore (Njazidja) and has a well-preserved medieval core with Arabic-style building culture. Moroni spreads aimlessly along the coast; here lies, among other things. newer neighborhoods with the state administration. The city has an airport, but no deep water port, and unloading from anchored ships takes place by barges. Poorly developed infrastructure, poor water supply and lack of waste disposal have created major health problems.

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