Akumal is a small beach resort on the Caribbean coast between the cities of Tulum and Playa del Carmen. But people come here not only to lie on the golden sand and enjoy the secluded atmosphere. Its name already speaks about the main attraction of the city – in translation from Yucatec it means “turtle place”. Moreover, two species of sea turtles out of 6 known to science live here at once. Cute reptiles fell in love with Akumal for clean water, hot sand and almost complete absence of waves. The same benefits are also appreciated by people.

How to get to Akumal

The nearest airport is Cancun, 100 km away. From it to Akumal, you can order a transfer (in advance or on the spot) or get there by public transport, however, with transfers.

Round-trip car transfer will cost 2600 MXN for a group of 1-3 people. You can also get there by bus going to the neighboring city of Playa del Carmen (ticket costs 178 MXN). And already there you need to take the Mexican analogue of the minibus called “collective” and get to Akumal for 25 MXN. Akumal is a very small village, there is no public transport here.

Akumal beaches

There are three beaches in Akumal, and each of them is good in its own way. The central beach is a developed infrastructure: restaurants, shops, small bungalows. The northern one is a paradise for lovers of scuba diving and snorkeling – a large coral reef stretches parallel to it. To the south of the Central is the “Jade” beach. It is quiet and calm here, it is an ideal place for walking along the sea.

On all beaches there are points for renting sunbeds and umbrellas. Bundle price: 200 MXN per day.


There are no large waves in Akumal Bay. Together with the rich underwater world (near the beach there are 3 coral reefs), this makes the village one of the best places for snorkeling on the Yucatan coast. Actually, it was founded in 1958 by the Mexican diver, historian and archaeologist Pablo Busch Romero as a meeting place for diving enthusiasts.

Snorkeling tours are offered by local shops for divers. Cost per person: 800 MXN, services of unofficial guides will cost 2 times cheaper. The program is as follows: the client swims for an escort who shows picturesque coral reefs and colonies of sea turtles. The price of the tour includes the rental of a mask and fins. Underwater attractions are located near the shore at a depth of up to 1.5-2 m. Therefore, you can go and see them on your own. The cost of a snorkeling kit in local shops is about 1000 MXN, rent for 1 day will cost 100 MXN. Beginners who are not too confident in the water can also rent a life jacket for 100 MXN.

During the swim, it is best to stay away from the so-called “fire reef”, marked by buoys, which got its name from the bright orange corals. Contact with them can be fatal. In addition, sea urchins live here, the injections of which are very painful. It is worth remembering that any coral dies from a human touch. It is also forbidden to touch sea turtles (although they are not afraid of people), and algae – poisonous inhabitants of the seabed can hide under them.

Cuisine and restaurants of Akumal

There are about 30 restaurants, cafes and bistros in Akumal – quite democratic. A significant part of them specialize in seafood dishes. Dinner with freshly cooked fish will cost 250-300 MXN, Caesar salad – 90 MXN, and burritos – 100 MXN. As for fast food, chicken quesadilla costs 70-90 MXN, french fries – 40 MXN, and nachos with aioli sauce – 60 MXN.


Summer in the resort is humid and Mexican hot. The rainy season starts in June and ends in August. Precipitation usually falls in the afternoon. The hurricane season lasts from June to October. The driest months of the year are March and April. And the main influx of tourists falls on the period from mid-December to Easter. See citypopulationreview.com for weather information.

Akumal Hotels

There are many accommodation options in Akumal. Here you can find economical three-star hotels for 1000-1200 MXN, and luxurious hotels with an all-inclusive system for 45,000 MXN per day. Most hotels are equipped with a swimming pool. Apartments are also in high demand; they are usually chosen by those who come to Akumal with their families. An apartment with a balcony or terrace costs around 1000-1200 MXN per night.

Akumal, Mexico