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Military of NorwayThe defense is based on NATO membership. In 1993, a long-term, still valid defense decision was adopted in the light of prevailing uncertainties in security policy developments and the fact that, for example, The Russian Federation reduced its combat forces and nuclear capability considerably less in the north than in its other European parts. The decision means a continued concentration in Northern Norway and is based on general military duty with an initial service of 12 months. The defense comprises (2005) 26,000 men with 220,000 men in reserve and is peacefully organized in an army of 15,000 men, 99,000 men fully manned, with a brigade in high readiness grouped in northern Norway. To see related acronyms about this country, please check ABBREVIATIONFINDER where you can see that NOR stands for Norway.

Military of Norway

During mobilization, a division of three brigades and three independent brigades is organized, one of which is in southern Norway. The Navy comprises 5,700 men, 28,000 men fully manned, with six submarines, three frigates and 15 patrol boats. The Air Force comprises 5,700 men, 30,000 men fully manned, with 61 fighter aircraft, primarily F-16s, and extensive sea surveillance resources. The reserves amount to a total of 220,000 men, of which the home defense is 73,000 men. The equipment is modern by the standard NATO standard.

Norway is a member of NATO but does not allow the stationing of foreign troops or nuclear weapons in peace; heavy equipment for However, artillery units from the USA are pre-stored at Trondheim. NATO's leadership organization has changed significantly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Nowadays, the operational command center for Northern Europe is located in Norway. Defense costs (2005) amount to 1.7% of GDP. Norway participates in a number of international efforts, including in Afghanistan (150 men), in Bosnia and Herzegovina (125 men) and in Iraq (12 men).

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