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Military of IsraelIsrael's defense is based on general military duty (for Jews and Druze) with an initial service of 36 months (women 24 months). Services for non-Mosaic professors are voluntary. To see related acronyms about this country, please check ABBREVIATIONFINDER where you can see that ISR stands for Israel. In total, the defense comprises 168,000 men with 408,000 men in reserve. Defense spending has occasionally been as high as 35% of GDP for a long period. During the period 1985-90, the proportion fell from 21 to 13% and (2005) amounts to 6.8%. Israel receives significant support for defense purposes, including USA, based on agreements from 1952 and 1984. The country has an advanced defense industry with a large export share. Officially, Israel does not dispose of nuclear weapons; However, several sources indicate that the country has about 200 warheads in the strategic forces. During the 1991 Kuwait War, Israel took a cautious stance despite Iraqi action of about 40 Scud missiles and allowed the grouping of foreign combat forces into its territory in the form of American and Dutch anti-aircraft missiles. Since 1996, Israel has an agreement with Turkey on flight training from bases in Turkey.

Military of Israel

The defense (2005) focuses on conflict management, defense against ground robots and non-conventional weapons ("suicide bombers"). The army with 125,000 men, 625,000 men fully staffed, is flexible and adapted to the current situation. The base consists of two mechanized divisions and four infantry divisions with eight divisions in reserve. 4,300 tanks and a large element of command units/brigades. The Navy with 5,500 men, 11,500 men fully staffed, disposes of three submarines and 54 fighters, and the Air Force has 35,000 men, 59,000 men fully manned, with 402 fighter aircraft and 95 attack helicopters. Semi-military units for border and coastal surveillance amount to 8,500 men.

The defense equipment is modern. To reduce costs and other sacrifices for defense purposes, a discussion on shortened military service time is ongoing, mainly for reservists, who usually serve one month a year.

Israel's defense overview

The Israeli defense force, Tsva ha-Haganah LeYisrael (Tzahal, or Zahal), is internationally known by the English name Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It consists of the military forces of the Israeli state, established on May 31, 1948, shortly after independence, and during the country's liberation war (Palestine War). The forces have fought several wars against foreign attackers, and have launched a number of military operations against targets abroad as well. The IDF is one of the most important Israeli community institutions, and has won international recognition for its innovation and efficiency - as well as criticism for alleged civilian abuse.

The IDF's main task is to defend the existence of Israel, its territory and its population, against external enemies, and together with other actors contribute to its security. The IDF, together with a border police, is also responsible for securing Israeli borders and contributing to the security of Jewish settlements in occupied areas.

Military strengths and materials

The total force numbers for Israel's armed forces are 169,500 active personnel, with a reserve of 465,000 personnel (2018, IISS). In addition there are about 8000 semi-military border police.


The army has a workforce of 126,000 active personnel, including 100,000 conscripts. Heavier materials include 490 tanks of a Merkava, about 300 reconnaissance vehicles, and 1,300 armored personnel.

Air Force

The Air Force has a workforce of 34,000 active personnel. Material comprising 58 fighters of a F-15 Eagle, 264 combat aircraft (25 F-15I Ra'am, 225 F-16, including 98 F-16I Sufa, and 14 F-35I Adir), four ELINT aircraft, six reconnaissance aircraft, four AEW aircraft 11 tanker, 62 transport, 67 trainers, and 143 helicopters, of which 43 gunships central Apache). In addition, heavy, medium and light drones.

The Navy

The Navy has a workforce of 9500 active personnel, including 2,500 conscripts. The fleet includes five tactical submarines, three corvettes, 42 patrol vessels, two landings and three logistics and auxiliary vessels.

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