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The 2004 defense is based on selective military duty with an initial service of eight months and comprises about 5,500 men. In 1996, Estonia adopted a four-year plan with a new doctrine based on future NATO membership. The defense is organized with five infantry battalions, three patrol boats and a semi-military Border Guard unit comprising 2,600 men organized in a regiment. Estonia has no fighter aircraft. To see related acronyms about this country, please check ABBREVIATIONFINDER where you can see that EST stands for Estonia. The reserves amount to 24,000 people.

Military of Estonia

Estonia aims to militarily protect its own territory and its borders. A cooperation agreement with the other Baltic states was signed in 1996 with the aim of coordinating border surveillance of the countries' eastern borders. A coherent maritime surveillance system along all the three Baltic states has been established, including Swedish aid. After all, lack of financial resources, voluntary, educated staff and competing societal needs with regard to conscience-related young men limit the growth rate of the defense structure.

Estonia, like other Baltic states, applied for membership in NATO in 1997 and became a member in 2004. Defense spending in 1996 amounted to 2.4% of GDP and in 2001 had decreased to 1.2%. Estonia participates in UN peacekeeping efforts, including by joining Swedish UN unions in the long term to build up their own competence.

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