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Military of DenmarkThe defense is based on NATO membership. Denmark's territory is part of NATO's Northeast sector including the Baltic Sea. To see related acronyms about this country, please check ABBREVIATIONFINDER where you can see that DMK stands for Denmark. The defense is increasingly based on voluntary service with a selective military duty of ten months' first service (changed to four months) and (2005) comprises 21,000 men, of which 5,700 are conscripted. It is organized into an army of 12,500 men, 58,500 men fully staffed, with a division of three mechanized brigades as well as an independent brigade with high readiness. The Navy comprises 3,300 men, 11,000 men fully manned, with three frigates, 67 patrol boats, six miners, etc. The aircraft comprises 4,000 men, 5,800 men fully manned, with 62 F-16 fighter aircraft, which will be partially replaced by a new generation aircraft. The equipment is modern and of a normal NATO standard. The reserves amount to a total of 70,000 people.

Military of Denmark

Denmark is part of NATO on so-called minimum terms. Since 1953, under normal peace conditions there has been a base ban on foreign forces and since 1957 a reservation prohibiting the placement of nuclear weapons during peacetime. Denmark's defense capabilities are complicated by the military geographic conditions. In 1962, therefore, in direct cooperation with what was then West Germany, a jointly integrated NATO command, BALTAP (Allied Command Baltic Approaches) was organized. NATO's leadership organization has changed significantly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Nowadays, there is the operational command center for NATO's Northeast sector and a leadership team for a UN emergency brigade in Denmark. Defense costs (2005) amount to 0.8% of GDP. Denmark participates in a number of international efforts, including in Serbia and Montenegro (Kosovo) with 370 men and in Iraq with 470 men.

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