Operation to Wear High Heels

Wear shoes with heels, it can quickly do feet! The solution may lie in the operation… Apparently the new trend among British is resorting to injections to the toes to be able to wear his shoes without any pain.

To wear heels, some women opt for injections at the heel or toe-an operation called “Andy job” in English, in reference to Christian Louboutin-to make the wearing of shoes less painful.

According to the Daily Mail, requests for injections to the toes, heels and on the arch rose from 21 percent in a year to the United Kingdom.

Described as pain free, treatment consists of an injection of collagen in the foot to create an effect of pad and make more pleasant the wearing of quality high heels. Administered by a qualified doctor, this treatment, which the result lasts 6 months, cost £320?” This boom has been revealed by an increase in sales of high heels, which have quadrupled in the last 12 months,”The Sun newspaper reported.

Operation to Wear High Heels

Other older methods such as surgical thinning of the little toe to get foot in pointed shoes, know a resurgence in the United States and Britain. The method of “Cinderella”, a “preventive” process designed to reduce the size of the foot, is also popular. Disposable injections, usually used for the face, are used on the knees and angular feet in a purely aesthetic goal: make them more presentable for the summer.

A few years ago, the Daily Mail reported that some women were asking for Botox injections to address Plantar pain appearing after years of wearing heels.
The Australian researcher Neil J. Cronin, recently published a study that wearing high-heels alter the Biomechanics of the foot. He recommended as well to avoid wearing heels needles and advocated limiting the wearing the heels to once or twice per week, or d’ remove her heeled shoes can often be pus, during the day.